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Download from multiple servers (mirrors)

Download from multiple servers (mirrors)
Response from the site administrator
ZbigZ-Admin, 11.11.2014
Hello everyone ;)
First of all we want to say thank you for all ideas that you shared with us.
And this one is definitely in our plans.
Thank you for staying with us.
toxxic, 09.11.2014, 16:11
293 votes Vote

Ability to easily navigate to the 'final' page of files

Ability to easily navigate to the 'final' page of files.
Response from the site administrator
ZbigZ-Admin, 03.02.2015
Hello toxxic,
thanks for your idea.
Want you to know that we will consider this Idea and of course will let all you
guys know about our improvements with My Files Page through email and on our official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZbigZcom-official/217938498301702
toxxic, 09.11.2014, 16:11
248 votes Vote

Max Active Runing torrents

it will be our most best thing to do if you increase Max Active Running torrents
Response from the site administrator
ZbigZ-Admin, 03.02.2015
Hello Motasem.
The number of concurrent torrents being cached is five as there are no limits to the number of torrents being downloaded, as written in the offer. It is done for safety reasons. We do not want to give a chance to our competition to overload our servers in one day and left you guys with no chance to download anything. It's true, please understand it ;)
MotasemBT, 26.11.2014, 10:37
203 votes Vote

choose what files you want to cache.

choose what files you want to cache.
Kristof, 11.11.2014, 03:33
1 comment
146 votes Vote

Mobile App

A simple mobile APP would be really great, the website is fine but I have to login again if I switch VPN or if I login on another device, an app could be useful & in theory not too difficult to design.
toxxic, 09.11.2014, 16:13
1 comment
123 votes Vote

pay by paypal

pay by paypal
Response from the site administrator
ZbigZ-Admin, 03.02.2015
Unfortunately we are not accepting PayPal.
We are working hard to integrate other safety payment gateways in nearest future.
Stay connected to know first about it ;)
Adel, 10.11.2014, 07:34
106 votes Vote

Ability to seed on a by-torrent basis

Ability to seed on a by-torrent basis
toxxic, 09.11.2014, 16:11
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106 votes Vote

ability to pause the premium when not in use

there should be an option for the users to pause their premium when they are not downloading anything
jehanzaib, 10.11.2014, 18:59
85 votes Vote

Firefox and chrome extension to detect and add torrents automatically via magnet or last downloaded torrent with browsers

hey i thought it would be kool if there was extension that added torrents via magnet links that are copied to clipboard. also recently downloaded torrents could be automatically added to. to make this user-friendly people could go into settings...
Response from the site administrator
ZbigZ-Admin, 03.02.2015
Hello, we are happy to announce our Chrome Extension.
Add torrents just in 2 clicks.
Download here -

We are currently working on our Firefox extension and Safari ;)
We will let you know!
gorybloodfest, 10.11.2014, 15:33
1 comment
78 votes Vote

Ability to search what already downloaded

Adding the ability to search what other downloaded and already available to download.
Almatrodi, 16.11.2014, 21:59
74 votes Vote

some time show bad gateway 502 while downloading file

some time show bad gateway 502or connection timeout while downloading file. or sometime file not found on server after catch completed.
Alpesh Valaki, 10.11.2014, 11:14
54 votes Vote

Resume supported problem in premium account

hello ZbigZ, i and many of my friend are facing resume supported problem in premium zbigz account, this problem occurs only when we try to download file which is larger then 2GB. when we download 1.4Gb file its support resume but when try to...
Alpesh Valaki, 10.11.2014, 13:50
1 comment
48 votes Vote

Zbigz download manager (for premium users only)

i wanted to change my idea instead of the extension. i think it would be better if there was a download manager only for premium users though. where im going is something like jdownloader except it detects magnet links and when you download...
gorybloodfest, 13.11.2014, 20:31
1 comment
42 votes Vote

Required old password while changing password

Required old password while changing password for security purpose.
Alpesh Valaki, 13.11.2014, 15:57
37 votes Vote

Zbigz should implement new design for the filemenu

Everyday new torrent download sites are poping in the internet. Zbigz is surely very popular. It would have been better if the design for the filemenu can be reorganise where files can be all views in smaller icons, or date base and also in...
shamim, 14.11.2014, 14:00
33 votes Vote

Increase the premium duration of SMS Payments.

I would like to have an increase in the premium duration of SMS Payments. With 'Credit Cards via GW', 'Resellers', 'BTC', I could have 30 days of premium with USD$9.99. But with SMS, I could only have 8 days of premium with USD$8.56 (converted...
Valence, 14.11.2014, 02:48
1 comment
33 votes Vote

Ability to add more files in qeue to start auto

Ability to add more file links as in torrent client, and have the ability to control which start first, and pause some.
Almatrodi, 16.11.2014, 21:39
29 votes Vote

allow/add settings to set up vpn and proxies since ISP block Zbigs site

suggest an idea allow/add settings to set up vpn and proxies since ISP block Zbigs site
Mohd Ridwan BIn Said, 11.11.2014, 03:29
27 votes Vote

UPTOBOX Integration

We Need a one click integration to uptobox with one click on any file in the storage or zipped file to upload it to our personal uptobox account by connecting the uptobox to zbigz or by detecting the current logged in browser account
MotasemBT, 14.11.2014, 09:45
25 votes Vote

rename option

put rename option for files
daniel, 15.11.2014, 15:27
23 votes Vote

When deleting the file pin is required ! if account is shared to others

pls do it..
Noel Tan Aceron, 11.11.2014, 09:18
20 votes Vote

Ability to Search Torrent in Account

Currently we navigate our torrent in our account by clicking the Prev and Next Button. I propose ZbigZ implement the search feature where we just need to put the torrent name to get access to it (download, delete, play etc). Hope ZbigZ can...
SHahzam, 16.11.2014, 09:03
19 votes Vote

Give all Free Members a Premium Membership

What about this Idea :- Give all free members a premium membership for almost 1 week and u'll the website filling with all kind of People Signing in ..
ashvolcano99, 26.11.2014, 08:21
1 comment
17 votes Vote

Can't download file bigger than '10GB'

Apparently i can't download file that is larger than 10GB in size. when it finished zipping the file, it tooks forever for IDM to detect it and then when it does, it shows out that the file 0 Bytes and timed out connection. I managed to download...
Harris, 25.11.2014, 02:50
17 votes Vote

Download Manager Desktop AutoDownload Application

An application that you download on your desktop (login using the zbigz.com account), and it has in built download manager to automatically/manually download the file you upload on zbigz.com. Furthermore, you can also have upload ".torrent" file...
UsamaWaheed, 15.11.2014, 19:44
15 votes Vote

Sync ability to share files with cloud accounts

Zbigz premium account holder should be able to sync their files into their personal cloud account eg dropbox, uptobox or google drive to share with one or multiple friends. However, zbigz should generate small pass for each time a new file is...
shamsuddoha, 14.11.2014, 14:08
14 votes Vote

start one day premium account

start one day premium account so that people who are in need to download just one or two files will start using this service . such people will hesitate to buy premium account for 5 days or one month.and number of people using one day will...
roshan byshe, 23.11.2014, 11:14
14 votes Vote

Ability to rate and comment corresponding torrent

When I'm use zbigz i'll certainly use basic downloader, different to utorrent / bittorent which able to do rate and comment, I think It will be best if we also support community with a valid feedback of corresponding torrent.
yonar trisna, 10.11.2014, 23:49
13 votes Vote

have ability to remote upload to dropbox after leeching a torrent file

after leeching a file from torrent, we have an option to remote upload it to dropbox, so that we can save our space in zbigz
Loren, 14.11.2014, 15:25
12 votes Vote

Make uploaded files available to other users.

All the Cached files should be available to all users and for this purpose ask for permission from every uploader . So that other user can download the uploaded torrent.
Khurram Irshad Khan, 22.01.2015, 07:38

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