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Increase the premium duration of SMS Payments.

I would like to have an increase in the premium duration of SMS Payments. With 'Credit Cards via GW', 'Resellers', 'BTC', I could have 30 days of premium with USD$9.99. But with SMS, I could only have 8 days of premium with USD$8.56 (converted from SGD to USD). That's almost 3x the amount of duration I get with almost the same price. :(

Valence , 14.11.2014, 01:48
Idea status: under consideration


Tru, 16.11.2014, 01:08
Yeah that what i want too

cuz some one or alot of us can't pay by paypal or master card or visa
The simple and easy way it's by phone
we want more than 3 day's

30 day's
3 M
1 Y

like that XD

* sorry for my ENGLISH

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