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Firefox and chrome extension to detect and add torrents automatically via magnet or last downloaded torrent with browsers

hey i thought it would be kool if there was extension that added torrents via magnet links that are copied to clipboard. also recently downloaded torrents could be automatically added to. to make this user-friendly people could go into settings and disable automatic detection of magnet links and torrents. i think this would be kool for people to download more swiftly and easier. tell me what you think

gorybloodfest , 10.11.2014, 14:33
Response from the site administrator
ZbigZ-Admin, 03.02.2015
Hello, we are happy to announce our Chrome Extension.
Add torrents just in 2 clicks.
Download here -

We are currently working on our Firefox extension and Safari ;)
We will let you know!
Idea status: in process


Anupam_R_K, 21.06.2015, 08:27
Waiting for Firefox extension

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